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Sound and Vision Unit is an independent music label based in Sweden. When we started, we thought of our label as a means to release and promote records with the bands we play in ourselves (The Resonance, The Fool's Nose, possibly others) but since we've put in quite some time into this and also probably learned a few things along the way, we later decided to start cooperating with other bands as well (Pale and Up the Chimney, among others). Now Sound and Vision Unit is more about creating a platform, a community for the bands involved. As a part of this we collaborate extensively with the booking agency Strange House.

Until 2014, Sound and Vision Unit was based in Sundsvall in northern Sweden, which is why we collaborate with some of the most notable bands from that region: The Grand Chapels Quartet, All Electric, Peter Fernaeus & Verkligheten and more. Nowadays we are based in Gothenburg, which has lead to collaborations with bands such as The Graham Situation and Headless Entertainer.

Most of the time we can't affort big marketing campaigns, so if you want to support our work or are interested in collaborating with us, you may want to start with for example listening and following us on SoundCloud or on this Spotify playlist!

Email: info@soundandvision.se

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