The Resonance

Frantic intensity, obvious melodiousness, inevitable simplicity. Things will never be the same. Dark, yearning but without signs of apathy. The Resonance is an indie rock band based in Gothenburg.

There are signs of Swedish indie heroes such as Broder Daniel, Kent and Caesars. But The Resonance neither takes a passive, observing role, watching the cold contemporary society from afar, neither do they bother with hipsterish references or production details. That leaves a certain vitality and directness.

After minor debauchery into post-punk (the album Introspection, 2010) and proto-punk, the band has since gradually more or less returned to the indie rock it all started with. The debut album "About You" (2009, under the band name Tvivelfront) is genre-wise a fairly close match, but more than a decade later, the expression and performance reveals a certain added level of experience.
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Photo by Cecilia Bergman Fröberg
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